Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2018
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Men’s Hair Trends for 2018

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Hair trends constantly change with the times. There are many different considerations when it comes to men’s hair that cannot be overlooked. You might wonder if a new style is right for your hair’s texture, thickness, your face shape and even length.

Worry no more. If you want to move away from your go-to at the barbershop, we have compiled our favorite hairstyles for men that are sure to turn heads in 2018.

Fades Are Always Fashionable

Fades always look sharp. For guys on the go, they are an easy style to maintain at home and look good for any occasion. Fades are also a fantastic style if you want the top of your hair to appear more full. These are some of the new fades we love giving guys in our student salon below:

Shaggy and Styled

At first, these two terms might sound like they are at odds, but in 2018 you can combine looks that show off your personal style. We like these hybrid styles because they have a groomed essence with a playful and touchable side.

Long Locks We Love

Fellas, the man bun is overdone, but it did get its roots from men needing to do something with their long hair during a workout session. Don’t be fooled into thinking that growing it out is all it takes. To avoid looking like a member of a 1980s hair band, you need to protect and pamper long hair to have a look that will stand the test of time. These are the ones we love seeing men rock this year:

Colorful Creations

Bold, pastel, ombre. You’ve seen women sport these hair colors on Instagram, but it’s time for men to let their colorful side show. Why should the ladies have all of the fun? Adding a vivid hue to your hair is a great way to share your mood, your personality, or even your spirit for your favorite sports team. Here are some of our favorites:

Silver Fox

If colorful looks aren’t your preference, we recommend trying out a silver shade. Gentlemen, this is not grey. Silver is sexy and sophisticated. It is timeless and debonair. The best part is it’s only semi-permanent so it’s easy to change but we believe this look is here to stay.

HOW-TOs at Home

Maybe you already have a cut that you love. These Aveda how-to style videos are filled with great tips for mixing up your style or for perfecting your technique to get the look you crave. The one video we recommend for every guy is a tutorial on getting three different looks with just one product. Take a look!

Get Your Next Style Now

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