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2018 Homecoming Looks

Boy giving his date a corsage for homecoming

Boy giving his date a corsage for homecoming

Homecoming Season in Las Vegas

It’s homecoming season across the country. High school and college students are preparing to show their support for their alma mater. Students get to prepare for football games, think of creative ways to ask their crush to the dance, and plan their outfits. Here in Vegas, UNLV is gearing up for their October 19th game against Air Force Academy.

Whether you’ve got your whole homecoming night fully planned out, you forgot that it was happening, or you’re somewhere in between, we want to help prepare you for the big day. Call (702) 459-2900 to schedule your appointment* today or keep reading and we’ll show you some local Las Vegas looks that students can draw inspiration from!

Trending Looks

Homecoming is a time where you go crazy and celebrate the game with your fellow students, then dress up really fancy to attend a formal homecoming dance. There’s room for a lot of creativity here, so we grabbed some of the looks we think are going to wow your peers at this year’s dance.

Braided Top Knot

This stylish updo looks good enough that you could even wear it on your wedding day. It keeps your hair out of your face, accentuating your jaw and neckline. We think it’s the perfect way of saying, “I want to look good, but I plan on dancing the night away.”

Waterfall Braids

Check out these awesome waterfall braids! This image shows how you can weave your curls into your braids to create this stunning look! We’ve also heard these called “mermaid braids” and “half-up half-down braids”. Whatever you call them, waterfall braids are a gorgeous style that will survive a night of dancing.

Curly Bob With Optional Lace Braid

If you’re rocking short hair this year, we love the look of these curly bobs. Curling the top and back and sweeping the sides creates a classy but powerful look that shows you mean business. If your hair’s long enough, you can add an optional lace braid across the front to hold the style together.

Bonus!: Men’s Hairstyle

If you’re a man wondering what homecoming hairstyle to try, or a woman whose date can’t decide on a look, we recommend a classic pompadour or quiff with the optional hard part. This modern style looks great at a formal event, and there are so many ways to make yours stand out.

Local Schools, Custom Looks

We always get excited about homecoming because it means we get to go visit the high schools we graduated from and celebrate together! We also love formal dances because it allows us to express our creativity in more ways than one. We got inspired while looking through ideas for homecoming 2018 and wanted to share them with you.

Las Vegas High School

We love this red and black ball gown. It gives us inspo for how you could layer patterns onto any gown to give it some flair and make it stand out. Go Wildcats!

Chaparral High School

For the do-it-yourselfers out there, take cues from this dress and celebrate nature this fall by collecting fallen leaves and incorporating them into your dress. Bonus points if you can get black and orange like in this example and show that Cowboys pride!

Valley High School

This red, blue, and black dress says two things.
1. Go Vikings
2. Retro is IN
The ‘90s are making a resurgence, and there’s no better way to look ‘90s than throwing on some plaid. You can’t exactly throw on denim overalls for your formal dance, so try finding some throwback looks in your school colors!

Del Sol Academy of the Performing Arts

Time to go thrifting! Costume designers are all too familiar with altering clothes to make a new piece. This dress shows that you can take any classic design and make it pop with a little creativity and skill. Visit a thrift shop, find a classic white dress, and go wild with Dragon colors!

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