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Makeup Artist: Eden

Meet Eden, makeup artist, advanced esthetician, and educator.  In 2021 she earned her Esthetician’s license from our very own Aveda Institute, Las Vegas. This unlocked a realm of spa treatments and the wondrous art of full body waxing.  There she discovered that treatment sessions could be more than routine; they are opportunities for laughter, and care.

Eden’s journey to this career began at L Makeup Institute back in 2015. Initially, the plan was to become a special effects makeup artist, crafting monsters and unleashing gore upon the world!  She immersed herself in this captivating field and fell madly in love with it. During this time, Eden also pursued & received the SNHD Body Art card for microblading and permanent makeup.

But then, she entered the domain of beauty makeup. The moment the opportunity to make someone feel absolutely radiant in their own skin arose, she knew she had discovered a true calling. Eden loves connecting with people and providing services that make her clients feel as stunning as they truly are. That love of connection extends to the students here at our Aveda Institute where she is currently an educator helping future beauty professionals grow their skills and passions.

Eden still works in the dazzling world of corporate makeup for TV, film, and print; behind the scenes, using her talents to make celebrities, athletes, brides, and actors shine their brightest.  She will tell you, the excitement of being part of the glitz and glamor can be absolutely electrifying. One of the highlights of her career so far was being part of the 64th Grammy Awards.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Beneath the sparkles and glamor, lies a deeper purpose. Self-care and sharing that care with others is the ultimate potion for a beautiful life. Eden’s mission is to share this magic with you, her clients, her students, and help unveil the radiant beauty within each of us.


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