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a new career in 5 months

Aveda Las Vegas is elated to announce that we are now offering Massage Therapy course! The next class starts soon. Discover the fundamentals of massage, reflexology, and aromaology with the latest in hydrotherapy spa treatments and the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda.

The focus of the program is Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and spa treatments with an emphasis on anatomy, physiology and pathology. Your journey begins with anatomy and movement. It then guides you through the complexity of the human body by teaching increasingly complex massage techniques and modalities. You will learn how to improve the human body through the power of touch and the art of intention.


This 600 hour Massage Therapy course spreads over 20 weeks and
meets the required minimum of 550 hours by Nevada State Law.


Our full-time massage therapy course can be completed in as little as five months!


Financial aid is available to those who qualify through Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®).

“Individually we are beautiful and together we are a masterpiece.”

Why Aveda Las Vegas?

We want to empower our students to pursue their dreams after graduation and licensure. How do we do this? By sharing what we believe in.


Bringing beauty and wellness to others is a purpose-minded career that can be rewarding in countless ways. There is room for anyone who wants to work in beauty, whether you are right out of high school, considering a new career, or have decided that traditional college is not right for you. In the spa industry, connecting with people and being able to make their day is something we teach you how to do with the Aveda principles of services acting as the cornerstone to your esthetics education.

Aveda is a global industry leader, with products developed by doctors over many years that are continually being refined. We are very passionate about Aveda and its mission to bring sustainable beauty services and products to the world. We believe in helping anyone with a love for beauty to reach their goals within the beauty industry. As a student with us, we prepare you for a future as an Aveda professional so you can be successful in the spa industry.


Every student at Aveda Institute Las Vegas will learn the importance of making each of their guests feel beautiful, through Aveda rituals and techniques that treat the body and the mind. You will become familiar with skin care products from Aveda and other brands to learn how to help your guests reach their own definition of beautiful by knowing which products to recommend for their goals. We will also teach you how to provide the kind of service that makes someone’s day.

Our staff believes in helping you reach your goals, by being there for you each step of your esthiology education journey. At our core, we believe in providing you with the skills and knowledge you need to create the kind of beauty career you want to have in your life. From techniques to time management, our Aveda-based curriculum provides you with an education you can be proud of.

Course Outline

Our Massage Therapy program is to prepare our students for the national licensing examination in Massage Therapy. The program provides a balanced study of anatomy, physiology, pathology, aromaology, spa treatments, and body movement techniques. Our program focuses on Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques executed within the Aveda spa service experience. After completing 600 hours, our graduates will have the skills they need to find employment in a spa,health club, alternative care/medical setting.


Learn the fundamentals of theory including state law, safety and sanitation requirements, muscle anatomy, physiology, kinesiology of the human body along with practical education on the following: Swedish massage, chair massage, reflexology and aromaology. Students will also learn and practice guest services skills in a classroom setting and retailing to prepare them for the next phase of the program. Lectures, demonstrations and workshops concentrate on developing skills and accuracy and reinforce classroom knowledge. Upon successful completion of this advancement, you will have the primary skills and experience to meet Aveda Institute Las Vegas spa service concept and move on to advanced 1.

ADVANCE 1 : 151-300 Hours

ADVANCE 2 : 301-450 Hours

Apply your practical knowledge through clinic experiences in a real spa environment and continue to build on theory and practical application in the classroom. You will refine your skills and gain the expertise you need to meet standards and state safety requirements. In this phase there is a focus on professional development such as industry job requirements and resume writing. You will also learn advanced treatments such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and energy balancing techniques. Learn to apply hot stones, lymphatic drainage techniques and neuromuscular techniques. Measure your knowledge of clinical pathology through analyzing case studies and designing session plans for your guests with chronic pain, repetitive stress injuries, myofascial pain syndrome and other disorders. A practical and written aptitude test will be administered at the completion of these advancements.

ADVANCE 3 & SPA LIFE : 451-600 Hours

Learn real-world strategies and achieve skills to become a successful massage therapist from guest services, business and time management, self promotion, marketing and networking, professional development and beyond. You will be coached to perfect your speed and accuracy to meet industry requirements. At this point you will have the competency required to pass the skill certification and contribute to the field of massage therapy.

Is Aveda Las Vegas Right for You?

Are you creative, passionate, outgoing, and ready for an exciting career in cosmetology? If you have a passion for serving others and bringing beauty to the world around you, we could be the perfect school for you. Our staff is here to guide you on the path to following your dreams!

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