Student of the Month - Peggy Marshall - Aveda Institute Las Vegas
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Student of the Month – Peggy Marshall

Aveda Institute Las Vegas Student of the Month Peggy Marshall

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Peggy Marshall, 34, Female
 At Aveda Institute Las Vegas it’s important to us to highlight students who are doing things that make them stand out. This month we were eager to feature one of our cosmetology students, Peggy! Peggy’s personality is a light in our classrooms, and we love what she stands for! Check out her story.

What were some of the reasons you chose Aveda for your education?

I chose Aveda because I love what they stand for. I want to be environmentally conscious and use products that reflect my values; Aveda was a perfect fit. I’ve also had issues with allergies using products with synthetic ingredients so I wanted to avoid those entirely. Plus the smell is EVERYTHING!

What are you passionate about?

I’m obsessed with adventuring with my family, trying new things, and pushing myself to be better. I also have a passion for fashion, braiding, and coloring hair. I’m passionate about being less wasteful. I love fancy desserts too! 

How has your experience/training prepared you for this industry?

The Aveda Institute has really showed me that education in this industry is a continuous thing. It won’t stop when I graduate. Even while I’m still at the Aveda Institute I’ve been seeking out any and all opportunities to advance my knowledge in color, cutting, products, and updos. I have been given the foundation to build upon and my educators have been key in helping me experiment and challenge what I know. 

What do you find exciting in this industry?

I love experimenting with color and updos! After having some behind the scenes experiences here, I now know I love working on photo shoots and platform work.

How do you stay up-to-date with fashion and beauty trends?

I like watching red carpet events and paying close attention to what hairstyles the stars have. I also have subscriptions to different magazines. But honestly you can skip all that and just pay close attention to Instagram. Follow celebrity stylists and your favorite product lines and you’ll start picking up on what’s hot. 

What is your biggest career goal?

I don’t have any lofty goals, really. My main career goal is to be super diverse in what I’m able to do for my clients so that no matter who sits in my chair, and no matter what they ask for, I’m capable of delivering above what’s expected. 

What Aveda cosmetic products do you use and why?

I love the entire Tulasara line for skin care. Cosmetics specifically, everyday I use the Mosscara, eyeliner, and the tinted moisturizer. I love knowing they’re not going to age my skin if I accidentally fall asleep before washing my face.

What are three characteristics about yourself that will make you successful in the beauty industry?

I’m great with time management, I’m quick and efficient. I enjoy helping others. 

What do you value most in life and why?

My family. They’re my biggest fans and the people I want to share this journey with. They make everything I do worth it. Their happiness is what fuels me. 

How do you want your client to feel after experience with you?

I want them to feel well taken care of and beautiful/handsome. I want them to trust my recommendations and know that I want what’s best for them. I want them to leave feeling confident and happy to make another appointment to see me. 


We want to thank Peggy for taking time out of her day to speak with us and share her story and recommendations. We strive to help hard working and driven people like Peggy to push themselves and succeed! If you want to learn more about becoming a cosmetology student like Peggy, check out our program and get in touch!


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