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What were some of the reasons you chose Aveda for your education?

I chose Aveda Institute of Las Vegas for the following reasons.

1) I love what Aveda stands for. The culture, the mission statement and beliefs.

2) Avedas’ reputation is held at a high standard in the industry. I’m learning from the best.

3) There’s no other school like this one. 

What inspires you?

My family! The love and support that’s shown to me, drives my ambition to do great things in life. 

What outside events aside from the Aveda Institute have you participated in that make you confident in your future as a cosmetologist?

I attend hair shows when available. I create wigs for drag queens, I practice on my mannequin heads constantly, when a friend volunteers to be a model for me, I do what I can to create amazing looks to build my portfolio.

What is your favorite Aveda classroom setting and why?

When we walk into class and the instructor tells us we are doing highlights and color today. Aveda color isn’t the easiest to understand, so, if you can formulate Avedas’ color, then you can figure out any other color line… No one creates magic like Aveda. 

What famous hairstyle or trend do you love and why?

I love working on blondes, balayage, and color. They are far more challenging than you can imagine.

What beauty trend do you see as the next big thing?

Not sure what’s the next big thing, but what I love seeing is precision cutting along with amazing color placement. It’s literally mesmerizing.

What Aveda products do you use and why?

 I love to use Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, along with Smooth Infusion Styling Prep. One is for damaged and dry hair, which it protects the cuticle and provides moisture, and the other keeps the hair feeling smooth and silky. 

What are three characteristics about yourself that you would tell a potential employer to hire you?

  I have a drive that you don’t see in many. I create to WOW guest, not just to give them a look. I build relationships with my guest, they aren’t just someone who comes in to get their hair done. I continue to be a Daymaker for those around me.  I’m kind, ambitious, and persistent…I constantly strive to exceed expectations.

What do you value most in life and why?

I value my time and energy. I never understood why people needed time to themselves. Having been on the path that I’ve chosen, I constantly think of ways to be better, ways to improve my skill set, outside classes to take, etc.. I had to take a step back and realize I needed to take time out for myself. There’s nothing min this world that’s more valuable than self love and care. 

What are you one year, five year, and ten year goals?

My one year goal is to assist a master stylist, while also working as a stylist at a salon with high volume, an amazing team, and a salon that believes in personal development.  My five year goal is to become a master stylist, enter NAHA as a color specialist, work with some amazing artist, and have my assistant who I can mold and give the same opportunity that will be given to me. My ten year goal is to do platform work and become an educator at a school. 


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Start your journey to a successful career at the Aveda Institute Las Vegas. Focusing on a creative approach to learning, our copyrighted curriculum, Masterpiece, sets us apart from other Aveda Institutes and includes projects such as painting, sculpting, charcoal drawing, collage and poetry. In addition, all of our programs include business, time-management, and job placement assistance. During your journey at the Aveda Institute Las Vegas, you will have the opportunity to use all Aveda plant-based, vegan products and immerse yourself in the Aveda culture.


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