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Five Aveda Cosmetologists You Already Know & Love

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At Aveda Institute Las Vegas we couldn’t be more proud of all our amazing graduates and the other Aveda beauty professionals around the world. So many of them have gone on to do great things like owning their own salons or creating their own personal brands. There are also thousands of incredible Aveda graduates, some that you might already follow on social media! Here are five Aveda cosmetologists that you might have already heard of and love!

Thomas Ciarniello

Our first awesome Aveda artist is Thomas Ciarniello. Besides being the esteemed creator of a few Aveda schools (including our own!), he also created several programs and curriculum. However, Thomas’s pride and joy is The Masterpiece Program, which originated here at our campus in Las Vegas. If you’ve heard of it you already know how beneficial it can be to your cosmetology education.

Thomas did all of these things with the intention of creating spaces where clients could unwind from the stresses of the outside world, receive excellent care, and walk away with natural products to maintain any services they received. Thomas has done so much to further and grow the Aveda family and we are forever in his debt! Next time you go to class or an Aveda school for a service you should ask about him and The Masterpiece Program.

Antoinette Beenders

One of Aveda’s very own creative directors and hair stylists, this awesome cosmetologist has brought life and color into the Aveda network over the years. Antoinette has participated in all the big Aveda events like North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) and Aveda Congress. You can check out her submissions and regular work on her Instagram. We are so impressed by her dedication to her craft, as well as the nature-inspired work that shines through in each job well done.

You may have seen Antoinette’s work on New York Fashion Week (NYFW), or on the official Aveda Instagram page as a featured artist. Make sure you follow her for some amazing high-end hairstyles and maybe even some sage advice!
Antoinette Bender's Instagram feed

Jon Reyman

As you will see on Jon’s personal Instagram page, he’s a hairstylist, the owner of Spoke & Weal Salons, and an Aveda influencer. What’s amazing about Jon is that he was able to take something he loves (cosmetology) and turn it into a fruitful career with salons across the nation! Jon continues to hold himself to very high standards and has proven his dedication to quality by being repeatedly asked to do the hair and makeup of many runway models for NYFW and Aveda events. Jon is one awesome #avedartist!
Jon Reyman's Instagram feed

Sarah Sibley

If you aren’t already familiar with her, it’s time you met Sarah Sibley. This awesome Aveda graduate and featured artist is incredible at what she does! Her claim to fame is being a master colorist, while she continues to hone and perfect her craft through teaching. Sarah was even a finalist of the Oneshot Hair Awards. This accomplishment was definitely something to brag about, and Aveda was happy to feature her on the Instagram page. Sarah is a great example of what social media can do for beauty professionals. Sarah continues to enter her work into contests and teach future beauty pros, which we admire!
Sarah Silbey's Instagram feed

Luis Gonzalez

If you’ve ever wondered what vibrant hair can look like, don’t hesitate to check out Luis Gonzalez’s Instagram page. You’ll find it’s full of high-fashion and brilliant hues. Luis is clearly extremely proud of being an Aveda graduate as he continues to perpetuate the Aveda ideals, and participates in many Aveda events. You can find Luis at Vida Salon, but you may also see his work at the next NAHA since his work was nominated in 2018.
Luis Gonzalez's Instagram feed

Aveda Institute Las Vegas Can Be Your Foundation

Think you could be one of our awesome Aveda featured artists in the future? If you’re currently one of Aveda Institute Las Vegas’s cosmetology students we’d love to feature your work on our Instagram page. The first step to achieving the accomplishments of the above Aveda artists is to enroll at our school. We are so happy to be a part of the Aveda family and we’d love to welcome you to it too. You just need to call us at (702)459-2900!


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