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Aveda Institute Las Vegas Career Fair

hiring manager at career fair

At Aveda Institute Las Vegas, one of our priorities is helping students find fulfilling futures in the beauty industry. Our curriculum is designed to teach career development skills. With opportunities to learn customer relationships on the clinic floor, self-promotional instruction, and by joining the Aveda network our students can feel ready to start their beauty journey.

Another opportunity for our students is through our quarterly career fairs. At our most recent Career Fair, students had the opportunity to network with 17 different salon & spa Owners and Hiring Managers in the Las Vegas area looking to hire new talent fresh out of Cosmetology/ Esthiology School. Among those in attendance were Caesars Entertainment, A Touch of Lash, Benefit Cosmetics, DryBar, several AVEDA Lifestyle Salons and many more.

hiring manager at career fair

Career Fairs at Aveda Institute Las Vegas

In preparation for the event, our Cosmetology and Esthiology Students created a look either on a model or mannequin showcasing their talent and imagination. Owners and Hiring Managers had the opportunity to walk around the school to meet the students and chat individually about their look, portfolios, resumes and retail and sales achievements. Afterwards, the students were able to visit the salon/spa tables in a traditional job fair setting to learn more about each company, ask questions, exchange contact information and, of course, collect some beautifully branded swag.

hiring manager at career fair

The salon Owners and Hiring Managers gave excellent feedback regarding our fabulous students. They were particularly impressed with their preparedness, creativity and passion for the beauty industry. Many of our students actually receive job offers at the Career Fair!

In addition to our quarterly Career Fairs, as a part of our curriculum, Aveda Institute Las Vegas has reimplemented Salon/Spa Tours. Every 5 weeks our students get to visit multiple hair salons and/or spas to learn about the different kinds of businesses and environments in the industry. The students find the sneak peek into the reality of the professional beauty world incredibly valuable in terms of learning how different businesses are run, exactly what their day-to-day would entail, and expectations from management. Salon/Spa Tours are an effective way for our students to make connections in the Las Vegas area, meet working industry professionals and ask questions about their journey in order to help the students plan their career today.

hiring managers at career fair

Preparing Our Students for the Future

At Aveda Institute Las Vegas, our first priority is preparing our students to pass the State Board Exam to become licensed cosmetologists and estheticians. We love being able to introduce new creative talent into the industry. We teach Aveda Global curriculum as well as our own copy-written Masterpiece Program which is designed to nurture and drive creativity along with business, time management and marketing skills. Aveda Institute Las Vegas is so committed to the success of our students that we offer job placement for life. Alumni are always invited and welcome to come back to our Career Fairs post graduation. Our next Career Fair will be Monday, November 4th from 9am-12pm. We look forward to welcoming back top Salons and Spas in the area and to meeting and building relationships with new beauty professionals as we showcase our students and send them off on their journey to success.

Eager to start a career in the beauty world?

If you want to learn how to become a cosmetologist or esthetician, our beauty school can help you get started. Our programs can teach you about hair, skincare, makeup, and more. Contact our admissions team to learn more about an education in the beauty industry and how we can help you meet your goals.

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