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Grievance Procedure


Students, staff or other interested parties may file a complaint against the Institute. The complaint must be in writing to the school owner or Director and should outline the allegation or nature of the complaint. A school representative will meet with the complainant within 10 days of the receipt of the written complaint. The meeting between the complainant and the school representative will be documented in writing. The complainant will receive a copy of the documentation at time of meeting. If after careful evaluation the problem cannot be resolved through discussion, the complaint will be reviewed by the Institute Administrative Team.

If the complainant wishes to further pursue the matter, a complaint form is available through the accreditation agency; NACCAS 703-600-7600. This process should take place only if the complaint could not be resolved through the Institute procedure. 

Grievances need to be handled in a professional manner and the administration will not tolerate cursing, belligerence, confrontational behavior or negative attitudes, physical confrontations, derogatory language or any unprofessional conduct. If such behavior occurs, individuals will be sent home for the day or terminated from the program. 

Executive Director: Gail Renzi:

Institute Owner: John Gronvall:


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