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The Masterpiece Program at Aveda Institute Las Vegas

Aveda Institute Las Vegas is without a doubt a unique and exciting place where you can discover yourself and your passion for beauty. The founder of the school, Thomas Ciarniello, believes that as well, which is why he created the “Become Your Own Masterpiece” curriculum exclusively for our school. It’s just one of many exciting features at Aveda Institute Las Vegas that allows our students to become vibrant and creative beauty professionals!

Who is Thomas Ciarniello

Thomas Ciarniello is the founder of Aveda Institute Las Vegas. He has since retired from his role as founder and now follows his passion for art and painting with his free time. That love of art has always been a part of Thom, and he made sure it was an integral part of the beauty school experience at the school. He never saw cosmetology as simply being about cutting hair, but to him it has always been about “painting with scissors.” In addition to owning Aveda Institute Las Vegas, Thom also owns his own salon, Casal’s de Spa & Salon, with two locations in Ohio.

Thomas C. Owner of Aveda Institute Las Vegas

What is “Become your own Masterpiece”?

Art and beauty follow many of the same principles, and that relationship is something that Thomas Ciarniello wants his students to know inside and out. Art and cosmetology follow rules of color, balance, and technique. Students enrolled at Aveda Institute Las Vegas have the opportunity to learn about some of these traditional art principles through The Masterpiece Program. When describing the Masterpiece Program, Thom says:

“[The Masterpiece Program is] exciting for the stylist—a break in the monotony, which we know is important in psychology. It’s a proven fact that the student gets energized by something different—it keeps them paying attention.”

Several times throughout the year, we bring in talented artists to teach drawing, paining, or even sculpture. The lessons are then tied into beauty services to help students gain a deeper understanding of how beauty works. Teaching watercolor, for example, is a great way for cosmetology students to learn about mixing hair color without having to learn through an ordinary color wheel. Esthetics students aren’t left out, as sculpting classes are designed to teach them about what their hands can create and the power of touch.

Why Does Art Matter in Cosmetology?

Many people choose to become cosmetologists or estheticians because they are excited about the artistic and outgoing things in life. Being chained to a desk job would feel like a prison sentence for many of our students because of their spark of creativity and desire to work with their hands. Teaching our students to create art with their clients helps our students to stay in touch with what it is that matters most about beauty: helping others to look and feel their best. Learning the art behind the artistry can allow our students to create remarkable looks that give clients confidence and happiness.

Learn With Aveda Institute Las Vegas

Careers in cosmetology and esthetics can allow people to explore their artistic side and work with their hands. Does that sound like you? Aveda Institute Las Vegas can help you get the fundamentals you need to become a talented artist in the beauty industry. Contact us today to learn more about our programs!


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