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Our Interview With Esthiology Student, Niyah Nicole Hiton

Esthiology Student Niyah Nicole Hiton at Aveda Institute Las Vegas

Esthetics can be such a rewarding field to study and work in. Our awesome esthiology student Niyah is working hard to complete her education at Aveda Institute Las Vegas, and we’re so pleased that we could interview her this month. Not only is she a hard worker, she’s a great friend and fellow student. Get to know her, and maybe one day you could see yourself as one of our esthiology students too!

What were some of the reasons you chose Aveda for your education?

When I was researching what school in Las Vegas offered an Esthiology program, Aveda kept popping up. It wasn’t until I did some more research and found out the history of Aveda. I learned about the partnership they had with other countries and learned how we get our packaging, to the many ingredients we use from around the world. When I learned that Aveda’s product ingredients were an all-natural and plant-based, I was SOLD! I immediately wanted to learn more.

What made you decide to pursue Esthiology?

I always was interested in being apart of the beauty industry. I wanted to learn more about skin and beauty. I wanted to learn more about the benefits of facials and I have always watched YouTube videos about them. I figured why not dive in and see if this career field was for me. Needless to say, I became obsessed!

What life skills has Aveda Institute taught you to succeed in the beauty industry?

Aveda has taught me how to not only perform well in what I do but to genuinely care about the work I put in. At Aveda were very big on “Intention”. So you don’t just perform the service at hand, you care about the work you put in, you put effort in really making your client enjoy their spa experience.

Aveda has a Cosmetology and an Esthiology program, what helped you in your decision between our Cosmetology and Esthiology program?

Answer: I was a Freelance makeup artist back home in Guam for about 3years. I loved it, but I felt stuck. I got bored with makeup and wanted to learn more about beauty and skin. I figured since I already knew about makeup, that I should learn now about skin because they go hand in hand. I wanted to be a one-stop-shop when it came to my clients. I wanted to do it all!

What inspires you?

I can grab inspiration from many different things. I get a lot of my inspiration
my family and friends. Also music, music always makes me feel inspired. My mom is one of my biggest inspirations. She’s one of my biggest supporters and reminds me constantly that there is absolutely nothing I cant do. I love her for that!

What do you think about the recent trend of eyelash extensions?

I love it. I think it’s super fun. I myself, am a certified lash technician. I got certified through Borboletta Lash Company. It’s also really good money right now because lashes are all the rage!

Who do you follow on social media for inspiration?

I follow a few travel vloggers. I love to travel. I think you learn so much about culture and lifestyles and seeing all the different foods, clothing, etc. I find all that super inspiring!

What are three characteristics about yourself that will make you successful in the beauty industry?

I’d say my Personality, Intent, and Care. I feel like you must always have a positive attitude when your with your clients. They want to know you are happy to perform this service for them. A good attitude goes a long way. My Intent is also a big one. You must want the best results for your guest, when I’m in a service, I genuinely try to do a great job and that type of intent shows on your work. Last but not least, Care. I care whether or not my client was satisfied with my service that I provided. I would even go the extra mile and do a follow up with my new clients to see how their face was feeling etc etc. All these little things separate you from the rest and make you the BEST! Your clients will recognize this and see your efforts and in return they would always come back!

What Aveda products do you use and why?

TCR Masque – I love the finish that it gives your skin. It leaves it soft to the touch and really hydrates it.
Hydrating Masque – This I love because it is great for all skin types and can be used on a male or female. It also leaves your skin feeling very soft.
Skin Refiner -I love this exfoliant. It gives instant results.
Botanical Kinetics Cream Cleaners – This is great for people who wear makeup and duals as a makeup remover.
I love these products because they all keep my skin hydrated. Living here in Vegas, my skin gets REALLY dry and flaky. These products help keep my skin in check and I’m obsessed with them!!!

What do you like the most about the beauty industry?

I love the fact that I can change people lives. You make them feel beautiful and feel better about themselves. I like how we can educate them in how to take care of themselves as far as skin and beauty and in return, I have a lot of clients that say I feel pretty again or I actually like my skin now. Comments like that make what I do completely worth it. I love being a part of an industry that simply caters to helping people look better and feel better about themselves.

What is your favorite Aveda facial and why?

My favorite facial is a Normal to Dry.
To me, I see the best results. On myself and my clients. I love how they can come in with super flaky dry skin and after a service with me, they can visually see a huge difference in moisture and hydration to the skin. It’s one of my favorites!

What are you one year, five year, and ten year goals?

1st Year: Working a steady job at a spa.
5 Years: Thriving at a top luxury spa on Vegas strip.
10 years: Owning and running a very successful spa business in multiple locations around the world.

What helped you in your decision to go to beauty school vs a traditional college?

I just simply followed my heart. I knew traditional schools will always be there, however I always always wanted to be a part of this field. I wanted to be around it all the time. I figured why not enroll and take a chance in school and try to make this my career. I have not looked back since.

How do you balance work, school and family life?

For me that answer is simple…you just do it. Nothing in life is easy but if you REALLY want it, it is worth it. So yes it is hard, yes I struggle, but the outcome from all this will be completely worth it! The three day a week schedule does help, the flexibility allows me to still have quality time with my friends and family, and I’m BIG on that. But I think we can all agree, nothing in Life worth having is easy.

Think Esthiology Sounds Like Your Dream Education?

We think so too! In our esthiology program you can learn things like how proper skin care, how to apply facials, waxing, and how to diagnose and treat certain skin ailments. Niyah is a great example of what we hope all of our esthiology and cosmetology students should be like, and if you identify with that, we’d love to meet you. You can fill out this form for more information about our school, or you can call us at 792-459-2900.


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