Our Interview with Cosmetology Student Moriah Martin | Aveda Institute Las Vegas
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Our interview with Cosmetology student, Moriah Martin

Cosmetology Student Moriah Martin at Aveda Institute Las Vegas

At Aveda Institute Las Vegas, we are so proud of our students and all that they achieve. This month, we had the pleasure to interview cosmetology student, Moriah Martin. She is creative and passionate about her work and it was a joy to speak with her. We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the future!

Please tell us your first and last name and your age.

Moriah Martin, 24

What were some of the reasons you chose Aveda for your education?

I chose Aveda because I loved their holistic approach to not only their products, but to their clients as well. Taking care of the human spirit is lost a lot in today’s world of immediate satisfaction through the internet, so being taught to take the time to bring someone peace, through rituals, was pretty cool to me.

Aveda has a Cosmetology and an Esthiology program, what helped you in your decision between choosing which program was right for you?

I actually considered esthetician school a few years ago and had toured a couple schools in Washington state, but I quickly learned it wasn’t a career for the loud and chatty.

Who do you look up to mostly in the world of beauty and art and why?

I don’t really have any one person I look up to. I kind of peak at what my moms doing and then usually it’ll be the next “in” thing in a few weeks. She’s a cute and hip little gal.

What are some beauty social media accounts that you follow for inspiration?

I like @paintedhair for dimensional lived in blondes, @heatherchapmanhair does really beautiful, soft romantic updo’s, @nikkietutorials has been a favorite of mine for years for makeup along with @ssssamanthaa who is also a great artist. The list could go on for a while.

What is your favorite social media platform for beauty and why?

I like Instagram because it’s pretty short and to the point in posts, but if you want to make a more in depth post you have the option to.

What are three characteristics about yourself that will make you successful in the beauty industry?

I’m personable, I work hard, and I never want to be stagnate; learning new things is something I always want to be doing.

What Aveda products do you use and why?

 I use Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair every time I wash my hair and Dry Remedy mask 1-2 times a week, both of these products are to help with the blonding my hair has been through. I also really like our Shampure Dry Shampoo because I like to go a few days between washes, and it keeps my hair bright and healthy.

(here is a photo of Moriah’s beautiful hair)

What do you like the most about the beauty industry?

I like that it’s constantly changing and that there aren’t really any boundaries to it.

What are some of your goals for 2019?

GET A JOB haha I want to assist a stylist and just learn more, grow, develop skills and confidence.

What helped you in your decision to go to beauty school vs a traditional college?

I actually did both! Before I came to Aveda I got my BS in Psychology.

Tell us about your greatest accomplishment so far in your beauty career.

One of my favorite accomplishments has been being able to work for bareMinerals in high school and right out of it. I learned a lot and it set a good foundation for me.

How do you balance work, school and family life?

I’m not sure that it’s really balanced, but I try to make a conscious effort to make time for it all, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. My family and friends have been really supportive through this journey, because I do work a lot out side of school, so unfortunately they are often the ones that get put on the back burner, but they’ve been really understanding. What’s 13 months compared to the rest of your life, you know?

In your opinion, how is AVEDA’s brand different from any other beauty brand?

Kind of the same answer as I had for the top answer. They are really invested in the human spirit, and take great care and thought into creating ways in which they can help people, and bring more peace and happiness to each person they come in contact with. Having that as their sincere foundation, I truly believe is what brought them their success, and is a great model to look up to.

Think Cosmetology Sounds Like Your Dream Education?

We think so, too! In our cosmetology program you can learn things like hair cutting, coloring and chemical restructuring, skin care, makeup, and nail care. We would love to meet you and see how our cosmetology or esthiology programs could be right for you. To learn more, fill out the request more info form or call us at 792-459-2900.


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