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Our Interview with Cosmetology Student Daniela Gomez

Cosmetology Student Daniela Gomez SOM at Aveda Institute Las Vegas

Getting to know our Aveda Institute Las Vegas students is always such a pleasure. Not only are they creative and passionate about their work, they’re also a joy to be around! This month we had the opportunity to interview cosmetology student, Daniela Gomez. She is a driven individual with a love of all things beauty. We think she’s pretty great, but you should see for yourself.

What were some of the reasons you chose Aveda for your education?

I chose Aveda because I have always had a passion for beauty. Also, when I toured Aveda I really fell in love with what they are about. I love how natural and pure they are, and also how they are cruelty free. My admissions advisor explained how they get their products from around the world in natural ways, and it’s amazing to see everyone come together.

You are graduating soon, congrats! Do you have a job lined up after graduation?

Thank you! And yes, Sassy Lashes is where I’m going to be working after I graduate, it has been my dream job! As for a hair salon, I am still touring to find a salon that is going to suit me best!

Tell us about your enrollment process.

Admissions was amazing in helping make my decision, I very much fell in love with Aveda and how they described everything. I did receive financial aid and it helped me very much, and my financial aid officer helped me so much, she walked me through everything, answered all my questions, and was very helpful.

How did you find Aveda Institute Las Vegas?

I found Aveda through a friend and also did a lot of research about Aveda online.

What skills has Aveda Institute Las Vegas taught you to succeed in the beauty industry?

Aveda has taught me a lot of skills, but the most important was confidence in my work. It has also taught me many haircuts, color, how to care for a client and build amazing relationships with clients and connecting with them.

What are some of your passions outside of Cosmetology?

My passions outside of school are being creative. I love to draw, paint, and create new things. I always love spending time outdoors and with family and friends.

Tell us about your greatest accomplishment so far in your beauty career.

I have won benchmark of the month, selling products and that was great. Also doing amazing balayage, and creating so many different looks on my clients, learning new skills !

What do you tell yourself when you feel like you want to quit?

What I tell myself when I want to quit is to wake up and realize why I starting doing it in the first place and that mistakes happen and there will be bumps on the road but it doesn’t mean I can’t get through it. I’m not a quitter I don’t stop until I learn it or do it.

What are three characteristics about yourself that will make you successful in the beauty industry?

Three characteristics about myself that will make me successful would be would be that I’m very confident in what I do. I love to create different looks and go outside the box. I’m very friendly and put my feelings aside when I have a client and put theirs first, always. I’m also very driven and will keep my head up!

What Aveda products do you use and why?

The Aveda products that I use the most would be Phomollient! I love products that give texture and volume to the hair and that definitely works for it! It adds so much volume and makes the hair hold up curls or anything you do to it no matter what hair type!

What do you love the most about doing hair?

What I love most about hair would be that it is a blank canvas and you can create anything. I love my passion for hair and I love every process you have to go through to get your hair where you want it. It takes patience and passion to do it.

What are your one year, five year, and ten year goals?

My one year goal would be to definitely learn more from other stylists and make my skills even better. My five-year goal would be to hopefully open my salon and slowly build it up and be very successful with it. My ten-year goal would be to still be loving what I do and to have my salon very successful with it and to have learned a lot about my experiences, learn new techniques and also teach new cosmetology skills and techniques in the beauty world.

We are excited to watch Daniela enter the beauty community, and you too can be a part of our awesome cosmetology and esthiology programs. Turn your love of beauty into a career, all you have to do is call us at (702) 459-2900.


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