Our Interview With 2018 PBA Beacon Winner, Tabitha Denlinger - Aveda Institute Las Vegas
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Our Interview With 2018 PBA Beacon Winner, Tabitha Denlinger

2018 PBA Beacon Winner at Aveda Institute Las Vegas Tabitha Denlinger

At Aveda Institute Las Vegas, we take pride in our students and their accomplishments. To celebrate the achievements of our student body, we pick one student each month to feature on our blog and social media. We want our community and the world to know how amazing our students are!

This month we are featuring recent Professional Beauty Association (PBA) Beacon winner, Tabitha Denlinger! We asked her a few questions about her success and her life here at Aveda Institute Las Vegas.

You won PBA Beacon 2018, congratulations! Can you talk to us about your preparation and the work that went in to winning?

Thanks so much! The preparation for Beacon began when I was an intro student, starting with a presentation about the requirements. Once I decided I wanted to enter I chose a look, I spent hours searching for inspiration, watching YouTube tutorials, and practicing on my mannequin before finally styling three models for my entry. From there my instructors reviewed each of my entry photos along with my resume, marketing piece, and an awesome letter of recommendation that my mentor, Marianne, wrote for me.

What were some of the reasons you chose Aveda for your education?

I chose the Aveda Institute because I love the vibe, the natural aromas, and cruelty-free products. Plus they offer a great schedule, giving me the opportunity to still work while attending school.

How do you balance your school/work and home life?

It has definitely been difficult to balance life with school, work, and being a mom, but for me it’s about staying organized and keeping my eyes on the prize. It’s all about intent and how badly you want it.

What has been your favorite experience that you have participated in inside or outside of Aveda Institute Las Vegas?

Catwalk for Water was fun! I loved the whole creative process and working with my two main inspirations was a dream.

You attended International Beauty Show (IBS) and PBA Beacon this year, can you tell us a little about your experience?

Yes, and both were amazing in their own way. I experienced IBS behind the scenes, where I volunteered to be a hair model. I was able to see seasoned stylists in action and ask 101 questions. I loved every minute. PBA Beacon and North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) were another thing altogether. I gained so much knowledge and heard from so many big name stylists. The award show was just the cherry to top everything and definitely opened my eyes to the possibilities this industry has.

What famous hairstyle or trend do you love and why?

I have always been fascinated with vintage fashion. I love the simplicity and elegance of it.

What beauty trend do you see as the next big thing?

I don’t know about the next big thing, but I would definitely see the crimped look coming back into style. I love the classic zig-zag look or the 3-barrel wave.

What Aveda products do you use?

My favorite Aveda product is the Shampure Dry Conditioner.

What are three characteristics about yourself that you would tell a potential employer to hire you?

I am very dedicated, hungry for knowledge, and eager to improve my skill set.

What do you like the most about the beauty industry?

I love the potential for creative growth.

What are your one year, five year, and ten year goals?

In one year I hope to be transitioning for assistant to commission stylist at Atelier by Square. In five years I hope to be working as an independent stylist at a salon in Austin, TX. And in ten years, I’d potentially like to own my own salon.

We love that Tabitha has big dreams. Here at Aveda Institute Las Vegas we always encourage our students to start planning their futures on the day that they enroll. Go out there and chase your dreams! If you want to pursue a future in beauty like Tabitha, click here to learn more about our cosmetology program!

Follow Tabitha’s journey on social media @greeneyed_beautygal


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