Aveda Institute Las Vegas Reigns at the 2018 Beacon Awards - Aveda Institute Las Vegas
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Aveda Institute Las Vegas Reigns at the 2018 Beacon Awards

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Every year many students choose to compete in the annual PBABeacon awards. They take the opportunity to showcase their skills in the hopes of furthering their careers. This year we were honored to find that many of our students had been featured as winners of this prestigious competition.

Discover more about this award, and meet the winners below!

What Are The Beacon Awards

Are you a cosmetology student? Are you passionate about beauty and creating a career that could change your life? Do you see yourself working in the beauty industry for years to come? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Beacon program was created for you.

Beacon is a brand created by the Professional Beauty Association to help support current cosmetology students as they prepare to become beauty professionals.

Beyond their annual national competition, Beacon also provides career development opportunities and live educational events dedicated to giving students tools for success.

How Does Beacon Support Students and Professionals?

The support Beacon provides extends past the time spent in school and through graduation, licensing, and for years through your career. The Professional Beauty Association was founded in the early 1900s with the intent to support and empower stylists and others in the beauty industry in creating success and build confident futures.

As a member of The Professional Beauty Association, you could benefit from more than just what is offered through Beacon. With annual trade shows, advocates to ensure proper representation in law and regulatory committees, extended training to help you stay on trend, as well as insurance options, the PBA is created to build a successful industry, and a successful you.

At Aveda Institute Las Vegas we are proud to partner with this organization and to offer our students an amazing resource that will see them through years to come.

Meet Our Winners


The Beacon Awards are highly competitive. Students must submit work to in order to be considered. With thousands upon thousands of entries, the Professional Beauty Association chooses only 100 winners and 200 honorable mentions through all of North America.

We are honored to have so many of our students featured among these winners. We are proud to have them showcase the education they are receiving at Aveda Institute Las Vegas, and help spread the values and commitment to planet and self that is the foundation of the Aveda name.

Nevada State Winner

Tabitha Denlinger


Tabitha is a mom with a passion for beauty. She is committed to investing in herself and in her future and chose Aveda Institute Las Vegas because the values and dedication to self speaks directly to her own personal values.

Tabitha is excited to showcase her work as the Beacon winner for Nevada at the North American Hairstyling Awards(NAHA) in July of 2018

You can follow her on Instagram @greeneyed_beautygal or schedule an appointment with her in our student salon before she graduates this fall.

Honorable Mentions

Aveda Institute Las Vegas students did more than secure that coveted top winner spot, we also swept a vast majority of the honorable mentions.

  • Ashley Todd
  • Jessie Trumbo
  • Jaci Vargas
  • Amparo Vila

We are so proud of our students for displaying their skills and sharing their creative spirit with the world.

Make sure to schedule your visit to our student salon to get a service by these talented individuals.

If you are interested in cosmetology and want to peek into the Aveda education that helped to build these talented cosmetologists, we invite you into Aveda Institute Las Vegas to take a tour, and discover more about our programs.

*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.


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