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What Can I Do With a Cosmetology License?

Studying cosmetology can be a great way to express your creativity, learn practical skills, and pursue your passion for beauty. While you might think the only career opportunities exist in traditional salons, think again! There are a wide variety of opportunities that could begin with a cosmetology license and our Cosmetology Program can help you prepare for your future career.

Male hair stylist shows female client different hair colors.

Hair Stylist

This is the most popular career choice for someone with a cosmetology license and you’ve probably heard of some of our Aveda Cosmetologists that are doing amazing things in the beauty industry. Hair stylists can learn the skills to create and maintain hairstyles and colors for their clients. In addition to cutting, coloring, and styling hair, a stylist may educate their clients about hair and scalp care. Many people enjoy this job because it helps people feel more confident.

Woman receives a manicure from a nail tech.

Nail Technician

If you love painting nails or creating beautiful, detailed nail art, a career as a nail technician could be a great option for you. Nail technicians also shape nails, groom cuticles, remove calluses and provide synthetic nail treatments. Nail technicians are artists who can create ornate nail art. Whether it’s painting delicate flowers or adding sparkly gems, being a nail tech can give you a great opportunity to flex your creative muscles.
Makeup artist applies eyeliner to dark haired young woman.

Makeup Artist

Obsessed with makeup? Always up-to-date on the new trends and brands? As a makeup artist, you’ll have the opportunity to transform your clients with cutting-edge, skillful makeup techniques. A cosmetology license can also make you more appealing to established makeup brands. With a license, you can work with salons and spas or directly with cosmetic companies. A license can help you establish trust with your clients, while also teaching you important lessons that you might not learn otherwise, such as sanitation and safety guidelines.

Model gets her makeup done by dark haired makeup artist.

Fashion Show Stylist

As a fashion show stylist, you could create avant-garde looks that audiences around the world can look to for inspiration. It also opens up the opportunity to connect with fashion experts across the world as you work behind the scenes. If you love fashion, staying up to date on trends, meeting new people, and working in a fast-paced environment, life as a fashion show stylist may be an excellent choice for you.

Models have their makeup done backstage.

Editorial Stylist

Have an interest in photography, magazines, and commercials? Excited by the chance to travel and constantly work with new people? Consider working as an editorial stylist. For commercial photo shoots, models need to camera-ready. As an editorial stylist, you could have the chance to create a wide variety of hair and makeup looks. From dramatic, high fashion glam to a more natural “girl next door” look, the possibilities are endless!

Brunette salon owner stands at the front of the store.

Salon Owner

With a cosmetology license and an entrepreneurial spirit, you could become a salon owner. This position gives you the chance to manage stylists and interact with clients while also continuing to practice your passion. As a salon owner, you may also be responsible for the branding, marketing, and cash flow of the salon.

Blonde woman surrounded by hands holding makeup, scissors, and brushes.

A Variety of Options

Along with these career options, a cosmetology license could also allow you to work as an artistic director for salons or brands, a celebrity stylist, a cosmetology educator, or a beauty product designer. Whatever your decision, there could be a career option for you in the beauty industry if you have a cosmetology license.

Start Working Toward Your Career Now!

If any of these careers sound like something you would enjoy, the Cosmetology Program at Aveda Institute Las Vegas could be a great path for you. We’d love to hear from you, so if you have any questions about enrollment or admissions, contact us today!


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